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Program Overview

Just Starting Out


First 30 days:

During this time period, the resident will not be allowed to leave with anyone outside of our program. We use this  time to get  to know them and it gives  them time to settle in, find a job, and get into a routine .  



We  will provide transportation whenever possible and within reason between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. for residents to go to and from work, and medical/social services/legal appointments, program activities, church and/or alternate activities.



 Residents must immediately seek full-time employment. We encourage residents to apply for as many jobs as possible as often as possible, depending on the availability of the job search vehicles and drivers. We will assist with job leads. 

Recovery Meetings


 All residents must attend a minimum of three recovery meetings per week, in addition to Sunday and Wednesday night services at Boulevard Church of Christ, our sponsoring church. 

Questions about Availability or Qualifications

Are you interested in finding out more about us? Call or email Lora Williams, Program Director (405)365-7716